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The Muse Cecelia Peters

The Muse

Cecelia Peters

Published June 8th 2010
ISBN : 9781449076948
80 pages
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 About the Book 

This latest collection of poetry by Cecelia Peters is a combination of some of her most recent poems and some childhood rhymes. The Poem Sarahs Song reflecting on a young womans triumph over the adversity of child abuse is simplistic and melodious, whilst The Poem for Today, written at the age of 12 shows early signs of poetic powers and deep imaginary vision. This new collection of rhymes reflects the various changes in the Poets consciousness. The haunting poem The Muse Has Come Upon Me tells in simple terms of the Poets struggle with her gift, which is interpreted as the noisome but welcome Muse. The book is a triumph and shows the Poets unique way with words. Her clever mix of outspoken views and ballads compels the reader to listen and to hear, as usual Cecelia leaves no stone unturned and does not mince her words.