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Rocks and Fossils: A Visual Guide Robert R. Coenraads

Rocks and Fossils: A Visual Guide

Robert R. Coenraads

Published September 3rd 2005
ISBN : 9781554070688
304 pages
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 About the Book 

Uncover the intriguing world beneath our feetRocks and Fossils reveal the state of the planet now and what the future may bring, including clues about the shifting, changing nature of the continents, mountain ranges, oceans, and islands.Rocks and Fossils is a beautifully illustrated book that brings life to the seemingly timeless landscape. It explains geological concepts in relevant and familiar terms. Lively illustrations reveal a vast, hidden world via cross-sections and cutaways with explanatory captions.The book explores the internal engine of our planet -- the liquid iron core unique among terrestrial planets, which is the catalyst for the creation and destruction of land, mountain, and oceans.Rocks and Fossils is organized in six main sections: The Dynamic Earth the ever-changing nature of the world Ancient Worlds life from the Precambrian era to the age of humans Key Features how rocks and fossils form Rocks and Fossils in the Landscape where to find fossils Minerals How they form and why some are precious Fossils signs of life from single-cell organisms to dinosaurs.Rocks and Fossils explains the fossil record to show how prehistoric lifeforms are linked to plants and animals still on Earth. Why did some species survive and others perish? What does the future hold?