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Undecided Mary Rielly


Mary Rielly

Published November 27th 2014
Kindle Edition
23 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Treya, pilot of the space ship Leandra, has a decision to make. They have found the human who snuck aboard Leandra. Indigo, the portion of Treya who controls the fighters, found and captured Carson. Treya’s orders from the Foundation are clear. Kill the human who dared trespass on a Foundation ship. But Treya is a human. The Foundation had taken her, manipulated her mind and memories, and made her part of the ship and the controller. Can Treya break her programming? Does she even want to? She has few memories of her human life. True, Carson has brought back some of them, but will it be enough? Or will Treya destroy the one human she has encountered since being taken?